For as long as I can remember, I have been asking myself the big questions of life: Where do we come from? What is the meaning of life? What happens after death?

I have always felt that there is more to the world than can be seen with the naked eye, and to me there is nothing more natural than to ask questions and embark on a journey of discovery. My inborn curiosity and hunger to know more about the mystery of life constantly keeps me exploring. The most important tool for me in looking for answers is meditation. Over the years, I have found many answers, but most of all I’ve realized that the process of learning never stops.  

I have learned a lot from my own personal tragedies and difficulties. Through my own personal development and the help of my therapists and spiritual teachers, I have experienced healing and am continuously evolving further.


Because of my love of travel, I graduated as a travel agent, before switching to marketing and communication not long after, which I still work in today. Due to my experiences in the business world, I know the challenges of the classical daily work routine. At times, I’ve been on the verge of despair and suffered overwhelming exhaustion – so I know from my own experience how important relaxation techniques and mindfulness are in everyday life.


It is my deepest desire to help people like you on their path and to contribute to healing their physical and mental suffering. It means a lot to me to support you with my knowledge and sensitivity and at the same time to strengthen you in your self-empowerment. 


2018 - 2021 – Psychosynthesis training at aeon, Basel

2020 – Autogenic Training Basic at IGM, Aarau

2020 – Reiki Master after Dr. Mikao Usui at Reika, Wallisellen

2019 – Reiki 2 after Dr. Mikao Usui at Reika, Wallisellen

2019 – Reiki 1 after Dr. Mikao Usui at Hands of Light, Bangkok

2019 – Meditation teacher, Paracelcus School, Zurich

2015 – Spiritual healing with Silvia Guggenbühl, Zurich

2014 - 2015 – Matrix Energetics with Silvia Guggenbühl, Zurich


I have also attended various courses and workshops concerning energy healing, autogenic training and meditation, mediality and intuition.