Autogenic Training and Meditation

Find relaxation, happiness, a feeling of security and practice visualization and mindfulness.

Autogenic Training

If your main goal is relaxation, autogenic training is an excellent choice. It can also be a helpful a starting point for learning meditation, as you learn how to relax and concentrate. Autogenic training is based on six simple, body-related exercises. These exercises provide you with a quick relaxation technique that you can use in your everyday life.

Further exercises in autogenic training can be used to learn, for example, how to work effectively with auto-suggestions and to make first experiences with inner awareness and imagination. 


Meditation is a tool to train mindfulness and does not necessarily need to be done in the traditional way, sitting cross-legged. There are countless ways to get into meditative states, such as breathing exercises, imaginary journeys or dance.


We want to find our true core, to relax, to become mindful and conscious. It is an incredibly precious tool to learn to live a more conscious life. 

„Meditation is for the brave.“
–– Wilhelm Reich

Meditating does not just give us inner peace. Especially in the beginning, we usually struggle for a long time not to let our thoughts drift away, and as we enter deeper states of consciousness, unpleasant issues can arise from our inner self. But this is exactly what makes meditation so exciting and powerful – within ourselves lies the key to self-healing. 


The upcoming course dates have not yet been announced. If you are interested in participating, please let me know.

Courses are in German. English tuition is possible in private sessions.


Group course Autogenic Training CHF 280.- (7 x 1 hour)

Group course Meditation CHF 120.- (4 x 1 hour)
Private sessions CHF 120.- per hour